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Andy Neverman and Chrissy Spence rule the Waikato trees

Andy Neverman and Chrissy Spence rule the Waikato trees

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, September 11, 2010

The rain held off long enough for Andy Neverman to win the men's division and Chrissy Spence the woman's division of the Waikato/BoP Regional TCC at Hamilton Lake Domain of Saturday 11 September.

The 'unofficial' results are as follows:

Mens Overall
1) Andy Neverman: 165.90 points
2) Anton Swerylo: 143.86 points
3) Elliott Fitzjohn: 109.55 points
4) Chris Hadley: 108.22 points

Out-of-region Auckland climber Matt Glen gained 158.74 points on the day, placing him second in the men's division.

Woman's Overall
1) Chrissy Spence: 148.00 points
2) Steph White: 37.50 points

Wellington Region climber, Nicky Ward-Allen gained 138.64 points and Christa Sandford-Hill from Auckland 79.85 points making them second and third consecutively.If Nicky had been a 'local' climber she would have probably won the women's section with her 16.43 second foot lock!

Out-of-town men's division climbers rated well in individual events:

Aerial Rescue:
1) Andy Neverman: 37.00
2) Tumai Laybourne (Auckland): 33.50
3) Matt Glen (Auckland): 33.00

Speed Climb
1) Anton Swerylo: 50.26 seconds
2) Shaun Hardman (Auckland): 50.63 seconds
3) Andy Neverman: 50.96 seconds

1) Anton Swerylo: 19.45 seconds
2) Matt Glen (Auckland): 21.65 seconds
3) Eliott Fitzjohn: 25.66 seconds

1) Jawand Ngau Chun (Auckland): 30.00 points in 4:40
1) Andy Neverman: 30.00 points in 5:50
2) Matt Glen (Auckland): 26.00
3) Chris Hadley: 22.00

Work Climb
1) Andy Neverman: 66.00
2) Matt Glen (Auckland): 62.50
3) Anton Swerylo: 60.86

You will find the official results posted on the NZAA website over the next few days. Photographs will be availablesoon on Flickr.

Four times men's NTCC winner, Tony Wilson laying down the law during the Aerial Rescue event at the 2010 Waikato/BoP Regional TCC on Saturday.

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