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Aerial rescue - are you ready?

Aerial rescue - are you ready?

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost every arborist who visits our shop has a tale to tell where they have had a 'close shave' or they know of someone who has been hurt while at work.

If you use any of the climbing equipment sold by Treetools it is vital that you and your team are familiar with the general requirements of aerial rescue: knowledge and use of rescue equipment, being able to provide first aid help to the victim and you should also have a complete understanding (and practical experience) of the methods used for aerial rescue.

Every company should allow time for monthly training sessions and all rescues (and accidents) should be fully documented.

You can manage your training data by going to .

Hort Training New Zealand provides excellent training sessions for aerial rescue. Choose from their Introductory 1-day course, the Advanced 2-day course, the 1-day Refresher or have a programme tailor made for your company - this is money well spent.

Pro Climb are also offering Aerial Rescue training - check out their programme here .

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