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A victim of our own success!

A victim of our own success!

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, November 03, 2011

Treetools is an advocate for climbing (and rigging) education: through official providers like WINTEC, Otago Polytech, Pro Climb or Thought Planters. Or through the unofficial 'retail education' channel Treetools provides in store.

If you have had a 'Treetools experience' you will know it takes at least an hour (or two) in store to make a major tree climbing gear purchase.

That's not because we talk too much (although some would argue the contrary) but rather it takes about an hour (or two) of time to make an informed decision.

Harnesses need to fit correctly, systems need to be appropriate, fit-for-purpose and configured for operational safety.

Start talking rope choice, SRT ascent, rigging or chainsaw protective boots and you can add another couple of hours.

All this 'education' takes its toll on time and we have been struggling to keep up-to-date with the Treetools blog - apologies to our loyal blog readers if we have missed a few days.

Rest assured, Treetools is not on holiday - we are just spending time with climbers who, in turn, help us with appropriate content. Thanks guys for the support!

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