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A clever LAD from Buckingham

A clever LAD from Buckingham

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 09, 2010

LAD: lanyard adjusting device. By default, traditional rope grabs have become a useful lanyard adjuster… but they where not necessarily designed for that purpose.

The cam-based, carabiner attachment point on a rope grab generally runs parrell to the rope. When used as a LAD, the directionof the hole forces the carabiner, or D-ring on your harness, into an awkward position making it difficult to adjust.

The clever buggers at Buckingham realized there was a very simple answer to the problem - make the cam attachment point horizontal to the rope. The horizontalhole means the LAD is oriented to the correct angle for easy lanyard adjustment, both in and out. Download the instructionshere to see what we mean.

The Buck Adjuster is ideally suited to Samson Arbormaster or Yale XTC half inch lanyards. The Buckingham Buck Adjuster should be in stock over the nextfew days.

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