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ART goes Faster. Higher. Further.

ART goes Faster. Higher. Further.

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 16, 2010

According to Advanced Rope Technology (ART): lacking progression equals regression! And… they are living up to their word with the launch of a brand new website.

We blogged about the new 2010 Rope Guide back in November and this generated plenty of interest. Along with the new website ART have announced a couple of new products to be launched in the European spring.

First up is the ART LightAnchor - 'light' meaning lightweight. The rings on the LightAnchor were first introduced on the Ropeguide 2010. This design reduces the ring weight by about 50%.The stitched 'doubled-rope' principle can also be found on the LightAnchor combining the abrasion resistance of rope with the wide contact surface of webbing (24mm).

There is probably more to the LightAnchor than meets the eye - so what this space!

Another new product for 2011 is the SnakeAnchor. Its an adjustable lanyard and anchoring device combined into one, utilizing the same concepts as the 2010 RopeGuide and the LightAnchor. Check out the info on the ART website and you'll see what we mean.

ART are living up to their marketing propaganda - no regression here!

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