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ART Spiderjack cam logic from Mr Spiderjackery

ART Spiderjack cam logic from Mr Spiderjackery

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, February 02, 2013

Further to our blog post earlier in the week, Mr Spiderjackery Joe Harris tells us the latest replacement cam for the ART Spiderjack is manufactured with a larger cross-section and lower bite-point to help reduce slippage on brand new lines - Samson Velocity and Yale Bandit in particular.

The latest cam profile might also extend the life of the clutch.

According to Joe, ART owners need to ask themselves a series of questions if they suspect their Spiderjack is not behaving as it should - download the Spiderjack Slippage Resolution flowchart here - an example of Joe's logic in action.

If you get all the way to the bottom of the flowchart and your ART Spiderjack is still not operating correctly you can return the unit to Treetools for appraisal… but there is, more than, a high chance the problem will be isolated to one of the following.

Five common reasons for ART Spiderjack slippage:

  • Cam needs replacement (like a friction hitch they do wear out)
  • Replacement cam installed upside down
  • Spiderjack body worn (this will occur if you do not use the wooden block correctly)
  • Old cam being used in conjunction with brand new 'slippery'* 11mm climbing line
  • Climber error; nervous climbers easing themselves onto the Spiderjack and not trusting the device

* Some rope fibers are coated by the manufacturer to enhance durability. When new, the waxy-like feel of these ropes can cause slippage. Once the coating is 'worn-in' coated ropes perform well with the ART Spiderjack.

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