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ART Spiderjack 'Dyneema Kit' cautionary notice

ART Spiderjack 'Dyneema Kit' cautionary notice

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 07, 2012

If it can happen. It will happen! A cautionary note from Joe Harris.

"A friend called yesterday to say that one of his climbers has just received the new Dyneema kit for the Spiderjack.

He installed the kit and started climbing, but two hours later sent it down saying that it was "falling apart".

Here's the heart-stopping bit: he had assumed that the metal ring, sewn into the Dyneema sling, was designed to prevent the sling from sliding through the red alloy cylinder, and that it wasn't necessary to attach the ring to the (lower) karabiner.

In other words, his sole point of attachment for those two hours in the tree was the single unrated screw holding the alloy cylinder to the side of the device."

So… for all of you who have invested in the new Dyneema kit (or the Spiderjack 2.1 Dyneema as a complete unit) please ensure the bottom carabiner connection point goes through both the eye on the Spiderjack connector as well as the 12kN ring sewn into the Dyneema sling.

The red alloy cylinder on the side of the Spiderjack is designed to keep the Dyneema sling inline with the body of the device.


Get it!

RED equals not for life support!

ART Spiderjack 2.1

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