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ARS Turbocut blade for Jameson poles

ARS Turbocut blade for Jameson poles

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ARS New Zealand have announced a new curved Super Turbocut replacement blade designed to fit the Jameson FG and JE Series fibreglass poles (unfortunately you will need to purchase the saw attachment before you can use the blade).

The 470 mm long ARS Turbocut blade features a hook at one end and a bark cutter at the other. The hooked tip is ideal for pulling cut branches free and also prevents the blade from coming out of the cut - very much like the Silky Hayate and Hayauchi. The bark cutter prevents remaining bark from peeling when the branch is cut. The notch in the back of the bark cutter is for hanging the saw (on a branch) when not in use. The Turbocut teeth are hard chrome plated and cut in all directions to the grain. The ARS Turbocut is an excellent alternative to the Jameson Mammoth blade.

Our only complaint,and this applies to the Mammoth as well, is the butterfly nut used for attaching the blade - it appears a little light for the job. Users have not foundthis an issue but one questions how long the wing-nut will hold with continual use when compared with the fixed system employed by Silky. Exchangeableheads (pruner and saw blades) sound good in principle but often operators can't be bothered changing from one tool to another and end up buying two systemsfor ease of use and better productivity.

Manufacturers Warning: Do not use aluminum poles around electrical lines or equipment. Electric shock may result.

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