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5mm makes all the difference!

5mm makes all the difference!

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, March 31, 2011

The rope saver market is in for a severe shake up!

Yesterday Treetools landed the first batch of Treemagineers pulleySAVERS (more on this soon) featuring the DMM Pinto Rig pulley.

This new, Treemagineers designed pulley, manufactured by DMM in Wales has been available from Treetools for about a month (the first batch completely sold out).

In many applications, the Pinto Rig has been a replacement pulley in home made rope saver configurations, of which there are plenty out there.

Up until the advent of the DMM Pinto Rig, ART's Link 1 and 2 or Cocoon were the pulley of choice on home made rope savers.

But, for maximum effectiveness both of the ART pulleys require the use of a 'spreader' cone to ensure the rope saver doesn't get stuck in a crotch - the NZ designed DB Tree cone being the spreader of choice.

The Pinto Rig with its rounded, rope and tree friendly edges has made the use of a spreader cone redundant overnight and the slightly larger diameter pulley sheave (27mm over 22mm) makes the world of difference in the running of your climbing line.

In addition to the improved rope bend ratio (read larger pulley sheave diameter and smoother rope running), the Pinto Rig sheave rolls on bearings making this the smoothest rope saver pulley available on the market.

Even die hard, old school climbers who insist pulley sheave diameters and bearings are just an excuse to crank the price of the pulley cannot believe the efficiency gained in this configuration.

Treetools will have the new Treemagineers pulleySAVERS, featuring the Pinto Rig, tested over the new few days and get back to you on our results. If we can price them right, the Treemagineers pulleySAVER will change the rope saver market - forever, period!

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