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30kN DMM anchor rings now available

30kN DMM anchor rings now available

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rated DMM anchor rings, designed in conjunction with the Treemagineers, are now available from Treetools in four sizes: 26mm, 28mm, 34mm and 40mm. The size number refers to the internal diameter (the hole) of the ring. The 'bar' or circular cross section of each ring is 12mm which ensures the bend ratio is suitable for ropes up to 12mm in diameter.

The DMM anchor rings are rated to 30kN and are all individually numbered for easy history tracking.They are also certified for static and dynamic strengths.

Anchor rings have multiple uses in treework. Perfect for single or multiple attachment points, and the quick and easy coupling of hardware and textilecomponents. All the DMM rings partner well with the DMM Revolver  to make an excellent 'swinging captive eye'.

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