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2011 World Arborcamp (Queensland) planning underway

2011 World Arborcamp (Queensland) planning underway

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, September 06, 2010

With the ITCC scheduled for Sydney next year, the QAA (Queensland Arboricultural Association) and VTIO (Victoria Tree Industry Organisation) are planning a World Arborcamp in Samford, Queensland.

One feature of the the World Arborcamp will be the $2500 Tree Removal Competition - here's a chance for a kiwi team to show the world how its done in NZ.

Scheduled for 28-31 July 2011 the World Arborcamp follows on from the ITCC 'Trees Down Under' event on July 23-27, 2011 in Sydney..

This will be a very busy week for tree climbers - start your own planning now - it would be good to have a kiwi contingent at the 2011 World Arborcamp, Samford, Queensland, Australia!

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