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2011 Asia-Pacific Regional TCC qualifiers announced soon

2011 Asia-Pacific Regional TCC qualifiers announced soon

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 06, 2010

According to Singapore-based Jords Tree Climbing Corner, qualifying climbers will have to be in at least the 'Top 5' of the the New Zealand National TCC to be invited to compete the 2011 Asia-Pacific Tree Climbing Championships hosted in Singapore in June 2011.

If Jords is correct, the likely NZ contenders for the 2011 Asia-Pacific TCC will be:

1) Scott Forrest (winner 2010 NZ NTCC)
2) Ross Kite
3) Jawand Ngau Chun
4) Tumai Laybourn
5) Drew Bristow

(Adopted kiwi Matt Glen came in 3rd but he is not eligible to qualify - as far as we are aware?)

1) Chrissy Spence (winner 2010 NZ NTCC)
2) Nicky Ward-Allen
3) Elena O'Neill

There has been no word yet from the NZAA Climbing Committee but an announcement is expected over the next week. You will find the complete 2010 NZ NationalTCC results list on the NZAA website.

The winners of the Asia Pacific TCC will be a position to compete in the International TCC in Sydney during July.

Auckland climber, Drew Bristow competed in the 2010 Singapore TCC earlier in the year and he was very impressed with the organization. The 2011 Asia-PacificRegional TCC is expected to run along the same lines as the Singapore TCC - a tree climbing event not to be missed!

New Zealand No.2 Ross Kite preparing for his dramatic Masters climb at the 2010 NZ NTCC in November.

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