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2010 Wellington Regional TCC pics now available on Flickr

2010 Wellington Regional TCC pics now available on Flickr

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The 2010 Wellington Regional TCC, organized by Julian Emeny and his team, provided an excellent day of tree climbing.

Apart from the climbing itself, the level of involvement from the Wellington community is quite outstanding. Children began queuing for the kids tree climbing at about 8:00am and they were still going at the end of the day!

The park was spotted with families picnicking, the ice cream truck and coffee vendors had a queue for most of the day and Notable Trees BBQ also had its fair share of customers. And… plenty of passerby's stopped to marvel at the tree climbing ability of the countries 'industrial athletes' - this has got to be good for the arb industry - no matter which way you cut it.

A photographer from Wellington's daily newspaper, The Dominion Post was present, supported by Mark Tantrum Photography to keep a photographic record of the days events and Treetools also managed to fire off a few shots.

Well done Julian (and team) - a great day for tree climbing in NZ!

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