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2010 Tree Climbing Comp dates confirmed

2010 Tree Climbing Comp dates confirmed

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treescape climber Dave Stejskal (number 6 in the NZ NTCC) has kindly sent through dates from Marlies for the 2010 TCC events - individual locations are yet to be confirmed.

Christchurch: 13 March
Auckland: 20 March
Hamilton: 11 September
Wellington: 2 October

For out-of-Christchurch climbers it's probably a good idea to get your flights booked while the seats are still reasonably priced - the South Island TCCis being held the same week as the Ellerslie Flower Show which attracts plenty of people (to push up the price of the seats). JetStar is currently$69.00 Auckland-Christchurch one-way or $79.00 with up to 20kg of climbing kit.

Dave Stejskal competing in the Work Climb at the '09 NZ NTCC

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