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13.02 second foot lock - how good are you?

13.02 second foot lock - how good are you?

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Word on the street is there could be a footlock world record attempt at the upcoming Asia-Pacific TCC on Sunday March 21, 2010. The whisper suggests an open event - that is, all-comers can have a go.

So what you say? Well, its not a simple as you think. In order for a world record to be authenticated,an ISA ITCC sanctioned official must be present to adjudicate. The opportunity to attempt an official world record is relatively rare.

If the rumors are correct this would be a fantastic opportunity for all the Asia-Pacific competitors to test their foot locking skills on the world stage.For a start, we believe Jimmy Kilpatrick has beaten Mark Chisholm's world record 'unofficially' - this could be his chance to make it official.

Our very own Nicky Ward-Allen currently holds the women's 'official' world record at 15.12 seconds. Nicky bettered this time (unofficially) at the '09Wellington TCC so she could end up beating her own world record within the year - quite a feat!

And, since this could be an open event perhaps there is a closet foot locker out there just waiting for their day in the sun.

All we need is an ISA ITCC sanctioned official, a bit of enthusiasm (and a few dollars) and some bloody good foot lockers - Treetools is sure the NZ treeclimbing community can make this happen!

Just in case it doesn't eventuate check out the video below showing what it could be like: a 13.02 second foot lock by a very fast German climber (RossyRoss of Pro Climb thinks it might be Sabastian Hoffman).

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