Pro Climb Easy Rig Kit

  • $499.90

By far the best lightweight rigging bollard on the market - designed and made here in New Zealand by Pro Climb. The Easy Rig is called the 'easy rig' because, by design it is very easy to rig. Secured to the tree with a single, premium grade, Spanset reverse-action' load-binder the Easy Rig is a fixed bollard so it is much simpler for your groundie to manage lowering lines. Easily installed by one person. In a take-down situation the rubber tree protector is not required - the Easy Rig has a very clever extended mid-plate which slides into the pre-cut kerf, stopping the unit from riding up the tree stem under severe load. The 50mm rubber protector eliminates cambium damage if the tree is to be retained. The Easy Rig will accommodate rigging lines up to 15mm in diameter.

Pro Climb Easy Rig Kit Includes:

  • Pro Climb Easy Rig fixed bollard
  • Pro Climb Easy Rig Spanset 'reverse-action' ratcheting load binder
  • Tree protection rubber block
  • Made in New Zealand by Pro Climb


Length 170 mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Drum 60 mm
500 kg
Rope Ø <15 mm
Tree Protection YES

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Product Code: 203-03002004
Pro Climb Easy Rig Kit
Pro Climb Easy Rig Kit
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