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    The HAAS is a unique ascent tool, designed by Michael Frankhauser of Ohio. The HAAS makes it easier and faster for the climbers to ascend. It can be added to double rope systems, SRT systems, with the Rope Wrench, or without. The HAAS features a fully integrated knee ascender from Climbing Technology Italy. Combine the HAAS with a foot ascender and you ascend up the line using your leg muscles instead of your arms.

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    The HAAS (Haul Ass Ascent System) designed by Michael Frankhauser of Ohio, USA is the an extremely efficient way to enter a tree - it uses your large leg muscles for ascent on a single line, leaving your arms free to fend off branches and guide the way. 

    The HAAS requires an additional foot ascender to be worn on the opposite boot. Both 'toothed' cams on the ascenders are positioned below your connection point for added safety. The HAAS can be utilized in DbRT (Doubled Rope) and SRT (Single Rope Technique) tree climbing systems. Perfect for use with the Singing Tree Rope Wrench or Rock Exotica Unicender.

    The 'Regular' HAAS puts the middle of the ascender 400 mm above the top of your foot the 'Long' HAAS puts the middle of the ascender 480 mm above the top of your foot. Keep in mind, your knee may not be in the middle of the range, so using your knee as a reference may not provide the best results. The measurements above should provide the best performance.

    • Straight inline stroke on a single line
    • 100% advancement captured by your other foot
    • Works equally well with DbRT and SRT
    • Very easy to install (and master)
    • Faster, more efficient and ergonomic than foot locking
    • NOT FOR LIFE SUPPORT (and it doesn't need to be)
    • 100% waterproof: Water column of up to 25m (laminates)
    • Optimal breathability: Rated "good" to "very good" in tests by the Hohenstein Institute. Water vapour is expelled by 57 billion hydrophilic molecular units per cm2
    Regular 400 mm
    Large 480 mm
    Rope €
    10 - 13 mm
    Ascender CT Italy
    Ascender Cert
    EN 567:1997
    EN 12841:2006B
    Construction Samson TenexTEC
    Bungie Superior Grade
    Swivel Brass
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