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Field Days

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've spent the day at the Field Days today assisting on the Castellari/Okatsune/Silky its a good opportunity to catch up with everyone again. Silky have some new interesting products: the Todoku pole saw designed for electrical utility work - uses the Hayauchi replaceable blade and comes in a sturdy canvas carry bag - looks pretty impressive - will make good competition for the Jamieson sticks. There was also a new Japanese 'hatchet' - a cross between an axe and a machete on display - a bit like the Fiskars Bush Axe but without the hook and slightly shorter with a square end to the blade. It's bound to be a hit with the hunters out there - comes with a hard plastic sheath - perfect for the bush, with a good balance in the hand a some weight in the blade - but the length of prototype was probably a bit short for NZ conditions. Also on display was the Genki-Temagari, a 500 mm beast of a saw - two-handed for doing the job. 5-6.5 extra large teeth per 30mm - perfect for wind fall. We also had the opportunity to meet with Hiroshi Kusakari from the Silky Export Division and Shozo Miyawaki a Silky Senior Managing Director (the unique design in the 'hatchet' handle was his design) - if you are at the Field Days drop by the stand (EX18) and introduce yourself.

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