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DMM Rhino Belay Biner - new for 2014

DMM Rhino Belay Biner - new for 2014

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Use of rubber stoppers and the Beal Pinch (to reduce the chance of cross-loading) might be a thing of the past with the pending release of the new Rhino Belay Biner from DMM.

Announced at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen trade show in Germany earlier this month the DMM Rhino is of special interest to aerial arborists.

The Rhino's 'device capture' ability, particularly when used in conjunction with the popular DMM Pinto, Pinto Rig and DMM Hitch Climber pulleys, makes this biner more relevant to tree climbers than others in the 2014 OutDoor Friedrichshafen line-up - see Vimeo clip below.

Not unlike the existing Aero in shape, DMM designers have added a distinct 'horn' to the leading edge of the spine to prevent devices rolling off the top bar producing an unwanted cross-load - the Rhino horn ensures everything stays in the right place - safely.

The top bar cross section is full diameter for maximum wear resistance (great for Munter Hitch but the non-rope bearing surfaces retain DMM's signature I-beam construction for reduced weight. Snag-free nose is standard - available in Screwgate, Quicklock and Locksafe.

Treetools is hoping to have a few samples of this exciting new biner in our next shipment from DMM.

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