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New team members sought for 'The Best Small Business in the World'

New team members sought for 'The Best Small Business in the World'

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being the Best Small Business in the World is no easy task! Just ask the team at Beaver Tree and Landscaping in Christchurch… and they should know, they picked up the prestigious Action Business Coaching title of 'The Best Small Business in the World' back in 2011.

One thing is for sure - it appears being the Best (small arb company) in the World really pays off - the Christchurch company is expanding and looking for new staff.

Two positions are currently available; a qualified arborist and a groundsman - click on the blue title to download more information about each position.

Master Beaver, Bryce Robb is on record as saying "the key to our success is investing in staff" so the right person is bound to be looked after if they make the move to Christchurch.

According to Bryce, a contributing factor to the success of the company is the unique Beaver Tree Service culture they have developed.

The Beaver Sits Vacant advertisement sums up the company ethos: "if you love working hard and having a bloody good time while you are doing it ‐ this could be the perfect position for you".

s with most tree work jobs today a HT license would prove invaluable to any prospective applicant.

Beaver Trees Christchurch

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