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Open Masters Challenge, Saturday 30 October

Open Masters Challenge, Saturday 30 October

Thanks to Matt Glen another Open Masters Challenge is planned for Saturday 30 October, 2010. Previous Challenges have been held in the afternoon but this event will start at 10:00am - enough time to fit everyone in for a climb.

The Open Masters will be held in the London Plane trees next door to Wendy's on Mt Wellington Highway. This will be your last chance to hone your skills in a 'semi-competitive' environment before the TCC Nationals on November 12, 2010.

If you don't want to climb get along to the park anyway - there will be plenty of SRT action and an opportunity to see the latest gear and techniques up close and personal.

The Open Masters’ Challenge is based on the championship round in a Regional, National or International Tree Climbing competition where the top men and top women finishers from the preliminary rounds advance to the Masters’ Challenge to compete for the title. The TCC Masters’ Challenge is designed to judge the contestants’ overall productivity and tree climbing skills. Contestants are judged and scored on their knowledge and their ability to demonstrate mastery of different climbing techniques, use of equipment, poise in the tree, and safe working practices.

At the head timer’s signal, “Go,” a contestant enters the designated work area. The contestant must perform a pre-climb inspection of the tree, install any necessary climbing and/or belay equipment, and then enter the tree. The contestant proceeds to three or four work stations in the tree. In some situations, a fourth station may be added to increase the difficulty of the climb and provide additional opportunity for the judges to assess a contestant’s abilities.

At each station, the contestant must ring a bell before continuing to the next station. Two or three bells must be rung using a handsaw and one with a pole pruner hanging in the tree at that station. One of the stations is equipped with a plumb bob suspended from the limb. If a contestant puts too much weight on the limb, causing the plumb to drop and activate a buzzer, no points are earned for completing the task. A maximum time to complete the event is specified in advance. The climb is timed to assess overall productivity, but the Masters’ Challenge is not a speed event.

Download the Masters ITCC scoresheet here.

Open Masters Challenge
Saturday 30 October, 2010
10:00 pm start
517 Mt Wellington Highway
(the London Planes next to Wendy's Mt Wellington)

Judges are needed for this event - contact Matt if you can help out.

Contact Matt Glen for more details:
Mobile: 021 079 4193

'Masters Challenge' information courtesy of the ISA

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