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Open Masters Challenge, Saturday December 10, 2011

Open Masters Challenge, Saturday December 10, 2011

The first of the summer Open Masters Challenge Series is scheduled for Saturday December 10, 2011 in Auckland. Another is planned for late January 2012.

The Open Masters Challenge concept is the brainchild of tree climber Matt Glen who organized several highly successful events during 2009-2010 in Auckland culminating in the Fancy Dress TCC earlier this year. The Fancy Dress TCC was also Matt's send-off to Australia.

The Open Masters competition tree is set up similar to the Masters event at a Tree Climbing Competition with multiple work stations located throughout the tree.

Competitors can enter the tree, as you would in a true Masters event by setting your own line, completing the work stations and then removing your gear… or you can enter via a pre-installed line if you prefer. Points are awarded based on the ITCC scoring sheets.

These events are more about fun, knowledge sharing and camaraderie than competition. Everyone is welcome, including spectators - you don't have to be the best climber in the world to give it a go.

Event organizer Matt Glen will return from his base in Melbourne to set up the December masters tree at a venue to be announced soon - spot prizes provided by Matt Glen and Treetools.

Date: Saturday December 10, 2011

Start: 10am
Venue: Monte Cecilia Park, Mt Roskill - parking off Korma Road which is off Pah Road.
See Google maps here.

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