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Introduction to Tree Climbing

Introduction to Tree Climbing

Arboriculture and horticulture trainers, Thought Planters are holding a two-day, Introduction to Tree Climbing Course in Cornwall Park, Auckland, Monday and Tuesday 21-22 February led by well-known tree climber Andy Neverman.

Andy's course covers two Arboriculture Assessment Standards: Use of Climbing Equipment for Arboriculture (Level 3 Unit Standard 17256 - 3 Credits) and Climb a Well Branched Tree (Level 4 Unit Standard 2767 - 10 Credits).

Students credited with the 'Use of climbing equipment for arboriculture' standard must be able to demonstrate knowledge of climbing lines and other climbing equipment, and the tying of knots used in tree climbing

The Level 4 'Climbing a well branched tree" standard is credited to students who can identify and check climbing equipment, judge the suitability of climbing conditions, inspect the tree and work site for hazards, climb using a ladder and climb a tree using climbing lines and a work positioning harness. Students will also undertake a one-person aerial rescue.

This is a comprehensive introductory course, ideal for arboriculture students looking for an opportunity to attain Assessment Standards towards their qualification.

Spaces are limited. For more details contact Andy Neverman direct:

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