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2012 NZ Arbor/Husqvarna Regional TCC

2012 NZ Arbor/Husqvarna Regional TCC

Get ready for a busy September! There are tree climbing competitions for three weekends of the month.

The NZ Arbor/Husqvarna South Island Regional TCC is scheduled for the first of the month, Waikato/Bay of Plenty on Saturday 22nd and the South Island Regional TCC a week later.

Wellington is the only regional event with a confirmed venue: Kowhai Park in Whanganui - not in Botanic Gardens like usual.

The NZ Arbor site clearly states NO ON-THE-DAY WALK UPS so make sure you register!

Kowhai Park, on the banks of the Whanganui River, was also the venue for Clay Winters' Open Masters Challenge back in January - see Treetools on Flickr for photographs of that event.


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