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Waikato TCC Workshop: brilliant!

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tree climbers traveled from as far away as Hastings, Auckland and Rotorua to attend the Waikato TCC Workshop in Hamilton yesterday. The event was organized by the NZAA and led by NZ TCC National Coordinator Marlies Laser, Pro Climb's Rossy Ross and Drew Bristow from DB Tree.

The TCC Workshop offered and excellent 'refresher' for experienced competition climbers and a real eye-opener for newcomers.

Marlies and Rossy presented from the ground while Drew demonstrated from the the tree - this was an excellent formula for this style of workshop. Climbers had plenty of opportunity to test their skills - with guidance from some of the countries best climbers. 

Other regional centers should adopt this model as a way to introduce local climbers to the tree climbing competitions.

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