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Timberland Pro safety boots now in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, July 18, 2010

We blogged about a 'safety' climbing boot back in April following a phone discussion with NZ National TCC Coordinator Marlies Laser. The Timberland Pro Athletic Hiker is officially described as a safety shoe (as opposed to a boot) possibly due the the 'low' profile ankle support. On sighting these boots they would make excellent footwear for people who work in a mixture of environments. ie in the office as well as in the field.

The Athletic Hikeroffers full safety protection and is very low profile (and stylish). The laces are well away from the sides of the boot and the sole is relatively flat, making them ideal for foot locking. The sole has a thin steel, insole shank, basically designed to offer puncture protection but this also stiffens the sole slightly.

If you are looking for a safety boot with a low profile for climbing and foot locking the Athletic Hiker could be the answer. Our only reservation would be their suitability for use with climbers. Without a full shank, the sole is flexible mid-sole, so this could be a bit uncomfortable for long periods in climbers.

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