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Practitioners know best!

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, October 01, 2009

If you want to know about the subtleties of a tool you need to talk to the people who use those tools everyday.

Jewand Ngau-Chun, an expert tree climbing arborist with Treescape Auckland uses a Silky Natanako 2000 pruning saw almost everyday. The 2000 is a later model of the original Natanoko 60. At face value both saws appear the same but the 2000 features a slight curve in the blade to make the sawing action easier and the cut more aggressive. When Jewand visited Treetools earlier in the week, apart from talking tree climbing, we got to discussing the various attributes of these two saws. As far as Jewand was concerned the original 60 was an easier saw to get started and the final cut was smoother.

On closer investigation we found the 60 has a greater number of teeth, making the tooth pattern slightly finer and therefore easier to get started on the cut and the finish is more precise - exactly as Jewand had stated. To make sure Treetools were on the right path we spoke with the NZ Silky Distributor, who in turn contacted Japan to clarify the situation. In short, Jewand is quite correct - there are subtle differences between the two saws. Apart from the number of teeth (and smoother cut) the original Natanoko 60 blade is re-sharpenable (the Natanoko 2000 has an Impulse Hardened blade - this means only the teeth area is hardened leaving the remainder of the blade with greater flexiblility).

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