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Both tree climbing events this weekend likely to be damp!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Due to unfortunate scheduling there happens to be two important New Zealand tree climbing events planned for this weekend: the NZ Arbor/Husqvarna 2011 Waikato/Bay of Plenty Regional TCC in Hamilton and the NTCA Aerial Rescue Practice Day and Open Forum in Whangarei.

It appears Auckland climbers are not sure which event to attend.

As visitors they cannot qualify for Waikato/BoP Regional TCC but the 'Regionals' are considered good practice and it might help those with NZ Arbor Top 20 rankings.

The NTCA enjoys plenty of support from Aucklanders and their AR Day has the added lure of the tree measuring workshop presented by Kent Thwaites from the Notable Trees Trust.

The distance to either event is about the same.

The only common element appears to be the weather and it doesn't look too flash! Pack your rain gear whichever event you plan to attend.

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