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ISC RP031 Arborist Redirect

ISC RP031 Arborist Redirect

ISC RP031 Arborist Redirect



The ISC Arborist Redirect double pulley was developed by tree climbers. The ISC RP031 is a very compact double pulley for easy installation. Designed specifically for the redirecting of a doubled rope in a DbRT system. The Arborist Redirect features swinging side plates without a center plate, making it very easy to install ropes - not many, if any pulleys have this feature. It's spec'ed for ropes 12mm in diameter but our trials show it will work up on ropes to 13mm in diameter with comfort. The spindle has a a minimum breaking strength of 35kN and the sheaves are rated to 15kN each way. Approved to BS EN 12278. Made in Wales by ISC and each unit is 100% inspected and is laser numbered for easy PPE log management.

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  • Super compact for easy stowage and installation
  • Tamper-proof rivets connecting the swing plates
  • Designed for DbRT 10-13mm in diameter
  • All aluminum construction
  • Individually numbered
  • Side plates only - no middle swing plate to get in the way
  • Made in Wales
Rope Ø 10 - 13 mm
MBS 30 kN
Height 72 mm
Width 50 mm
Weight 124 g
Certified EN 12278
Material Aluminum
Finish Anodised

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