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Competition in the mechanical ascender/descender market

Competition in the mechanical ascender/descender market

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Thompson Unicender has (up until today) dominated the mechanical ascender/descender market. Now, USA based GET International is looking to carve out a unique position for the Line Boss as it goes up against the Unicender.

Rossy Ross from Pro Climb first alerted us to the Line Boss back in June and since then climbers have keep us posted on developments as more information became available. Finally, we have managed to land a Line Boss in New Zealand for appraisal.

The Line Boss can be used DbRT (Doubled Rope Technique), SRT (Single Rope Technique) and RADS (Rope Ascending and Descending System). Anyone using a work positioning system will find an application for this device.

At first glance the unit seems heavy and bulky but once you get it set up the bulk does not seem to be an issue.

The Line Boss is not as simple to configure as the Unicender (in other words you will have to read the manual).

But on the positive side, it appears to more robust than the Unicender. All wear points are made from stainless steel and can be replaced without having to return the device to the manufacturer. Of course, the generous use of stainless does add to the weight.

Another unique feature of the Line Boss is the 'governor' for controlling descent speed while you are learning to use the device.

We'll post more information once Treetools climbers have had a chance to fully test-drive the Line Boss.

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